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Assembling and Operating the Tsunami Tank

Which ones? Wikipedia, The water particles do not move, but they transfer energy to the next particle of water. The games section of our online store includes a climate change card game and the Traveling Nitrogen game! Approximatelylives were lost, coastal homes and villages were decimated, and businesses were destroyed.

Tsunami Science Fair Projects and Experiments

He incorrectly proposed continental plates ploughed through the ocean floor. When Nature Strikes: Tsunami Classroom Activity How Tsunamis Form A tsunami is a series of waves generated in an ocean or other body of water by a disturbance such as an earthquake, landslide, volcanic eruption, or meteorite impact.

These events cause a large amount of ocean water displaced, triggering a tsunami. Seismograph Make a seismograph.

Convection currents propel the hot and less dense material in the mantle slowly upward, while the cooler and denser oceanic plates slowly sink into the asthenosphere. Use the ruler to measure how far the water reaches inland.

Warnings Vigorous wave generation can result in splashing, keep an old towel on hand. Watch this Tsunami video by National Geographic. Undersea landslides, which can be caused by large earthquakes, can also cause tsunami waves to form as water attempts to find a stable position.

Tsunamis, Earthquakes and Meteors

The tsunami simulator is set up as in figure 1. The continental crust is more granitic in composition and less dense 2.

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What works? Does it match the mathematical equation for wave velocity as it depends on water depth?

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This causes the overlying water displaced from its state of equilibrium. Mapping these features increases our understanding of plate formation and movement. Asteroid impacts disturb the water from above, as momentum from falling debris is transferred to the water into which the debris falls. This will keep the flap from creating a strong take that these days with the bottom of the tank.

This caused the Eurasian plate to thrust up several meters.

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Sea Floor Spreading As molten magma rises up from the mantle, it encounters cold seawater; the toronto homework help magma expands, pushing the plates apart. Objective To investigate and model the effect that water depth has on wave velocity.

The Science Fair Tsunami

Use enough glue to create a watertight seal. Watch this video to get a better understanding of how tsunamis form and the damage they can inflict.

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Other groups? The tank is filled with water until it almost overflows.

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Attempt Distance inland reached by water mm No barrier. The piece of plywood is supported by the water tank on one side, and by bricks on the other end.

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Add water gently to the center of the tank. As it nears the coastline, and moves into shallower water, tsunamis usually slow down, but the wave height can grow to feet! These waves form a tsunami. In deep water, a wave can be just a few feet high and travel very fast.

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For this science fair project, the independent variable is the type of barrier used a man made barrier and an artificial mangrove swamp. At this point you will want to place your tank where you will be doing your demonstration.

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You can add toy houses or people to your beach for more realism. It is normally triggered by a violent underwater event such as a landslide, an earthquake or a volcano eruption.

  1. When the tsunami moves into shallower water, however, its enormous energy is concentrated within a smaller volume.
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Will this hold true even in your water tank? World-wide earthquake hazards Which areas around the world are most vulnerable to earthquakes and why? Observation It was observed that the water traveled the shortest distance inland when the artificial grass representing the mangrove swamp was used.

Material in the upper asthenosphere is at or near its melting point resulting in a weak structure that can be physically detached from the lithosphere. This equation explains the behavior of a dropped object but does not explain why it falls.

Specific Project Designs

Explain why it did or did not work. The geosphere refers to the solid Earth and extends from the surface to the center. Earthquakes on other planets Do earthquakes occur on other planets? Fact Observations generally agreed to be correct. A scientific theory is a collection of well-supported hypotheses based on repeated testing that explains some aspect about the natural world.

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Abstract A tsunami is hypothesis tsunami science project series of waves made in a body of water, like the ocean, that can cause serious destruction when they hit the coastline.