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Secondary sources are published essentially academic works — articles in journals, essays in edited collections, research monographs and so on.

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Throughout this process your dissertation cover letter for production helper will support you. Look at writing by established historians to get a feel for how they do this.

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Whenever you paraphrase material from somebody else's work, you must cover letter for application job examples that fact. Many feel however that something is historically amiss when you find in a footnote something like 'Plato [b]' or 'Locke []'. This is considered to be bad practice in a piece of history-writing, and you may be marked down for it.

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In general avoid putting large amounts of text in footnotes. It is a very good idea to include relevant pictures and diagrams. Topics might relate to a specific collection of sources or a local archive.

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In ten short points, I will outline several helpful tips to help you create an excellent History dissertation: Sit back and consider your options and personal experience Do not be afraid to seriously consider any passing question you may have had about any particular piece of historical information.

A good topic should allow you to engage closely with a primary source text, image, object, etc. The writing of the dissertation will improve your written communication and will encourage you to be self-motivated and organised. Notes may either be at the bottom of the page footnotes or at the end of the main text, but before the bibliography endnotes.

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All students have regular one-to-one meetings with their supervisors to ensure that they are on track and making good progress. Special Features The information session will assist you in devising a research topic and to organise your time. Some of you will be looking at a set of them in connection with your Special Subject; you may also have encountered examples elsewhere in your History modules.

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Your dissertation allows you to learn about your chosen topic first-hand from a range of primary sources. Through your visits to archives and examination of sources you will further learn to develop and substantiate your own arguments and to critically assess the ideas in existing historiography.

10 Tips For Writing An Excellent Dissertation On History In general, use footnotes for source citations, rather than give information.

Finally, writing a dissertation should be fun: it should give a real chance to work and think like an academic historian, to experience the pleasure of finding something out for yourself, and to have the satisfaction of presenting a well-researched, thoughtfully written and convincingly argued piece of work.

Examples: M.

  • If images are taken from a source, this should be included in the captions or list of illustrations.
  • Dissertation supervisors are experts in their field — they will help you choose a topic, and can offer advice on how to deal with any challenges you might face.
  • In general, use footnotes for source citations, rather than give information.
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