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I stepped back into the welcoming arms of the light in my room. As a whole Darkness is an odd thing.

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Darkness suffocating my body like a damp, musty, thick blanket, clinging to every inch of my pale skin. You are a character, this is your story, now what do you want? I stood in the middle of the kitchen, body shaking, full of I soon found myself once again paranoid and quickly turned back to the light… Light… Comfort.

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Without sun there was also no heat, not exactly a coldness but more a lack of warmth. Even on the most moonlit of nights I blend into the city shadows, staying clear of those pools of yellow light that flow from the street-lamps.

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Her pursuer quickened his pace as well. The light switch is at the bottom. This is the darkness that robs you of your best sense and replaces it with a paralysing fear. I listened carefully for any noises. While acceptable in English, replacing a noun-adjective pair with just the noun—or an alternative noun—must be done with significant care.

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By Nicola Freeman-TaylorJuly 5, I looked behind me, dissertation research parts last peek of light before I carried on descending the stairs into the unknown. Found in Shadows from an anthologyauthored by Sean Catt.

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  • She began running; the stranger started shouting, but the wind carried his words away.
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The neon and white lights that used to flood from the bars and restaurants are extinguished. Leave a comment General The blackness becomes my blanket of protection, a place for my heart to beat quietly in steady rhythm. The boy glanced at him with a terrifying look in his heavenly blue eyes.

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All that comes to me is the warmth the sun gave to the daytime and the sounds of the other animals who love the night. Leave a comment General Darkness comes as strong protective arms, holding us close until i need help writing an essay about myself promised dawn. It did not give us any mercy as it destroyed us. As I strolled on, I could hear some music.

In place of "jet-black" you could, e. I reached the bottom of the stairs. Substantially rephrase the scene to distribute the desired feeling and meaning over a larger portion of the text. Silently, I crept in the direction of the door and peeked inside.

It was like a zoo that had been silenced.

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The darkness kisses up to your skin closer than a mother and whispers excitement into your ears. She pastes her body to the cold dark wall behind and takes out her gun, removing the safety All at once the boy turned around to the dark shape and looked him directly in the eyes, which flashed yellow. In some cases, a second adjective can be used to add relatively little new meaning while substantially reinforcing the intended connotation.

That is where I spend many creative writing youtube channels hours of my life.

Why was there a room full of mirrors? I walked into the room, and could describe it as a world underwater, because there were about two hundred fish in that room.

And then you started running. In the darkness I can't get a sense that anything is important at all — life, death, pain. She stops faster than a bullet into steel, heart pounding. The night provides cover from the flesh and blood monsters of the day, the ones with their guns and official badges, the ones who can be judge, jury and executioner in the name of freedom. Why was there a room full of mirrors?

After sightseeing, I decided to explore this building.

My Fear of Darkness (Creative Writing) - WriteWork At the heart of the house was an auburn door that had cobwebs disguising it like a facade.

Mother Nature had strength then, the progression of life seemed unstoppable. Taking tentative steps, the infinite exposure of the human darkness creative writing dawned. Use a simile. The amount of cobwebs in each corner was innumerable.

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Her pulse became irregular; she could hardly breathe. I groped around the darkness to find the light switch on my bedside thesis writing service in chandigarh. First, I ambled down the dazzling ruby corridor and into the next room.

The dawn is many hours away and until that precious time I can only wait. However, the intensifying effect of the noun may have been sufficiently significant to the scene that trimming other description would be more desirable. The darkness had overcome any sense of purity, consumed all hope of cleanliness and had wiped out all desire.

That's going to be the highest form of currency pretty soon, not to mention I might need the drugs myself someday. Each step dragged me further into the darkness and further away from the safety of the light.

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My dad would call us often and we had to pay. I can smell the earth as if it's wiped clean, as if all the plant life is gone. They glistened like a thousand stars in the night sky.

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He'd always thought of light as something bold, shining into dark recesses without fear; but this was a black so inky and complete that it swallowed the scouting rays. As with using a different noun, this will not reduce any overuse of noun-adjective pairs. But I want to see tomorrow enough to make me hold this position for as long as it takes. I stared at it and spotted; cracked windows; corroded drainpipes; poorly sculptured statues and a rusty old fence that surrounded the building like a cage.

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No war, hunger nor poverty. I began to count down the steps as I ascended the stairs. My senses awoke and heighted as fear ripped through my body.

From the end of the street comes a light, a torch perhaps. I walked slowly up the spiralling staircase that had been painted murky green.

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A gust of wind swirled around me, enveloping me with cold air making the hair on my skin stand on end under protruding goose bumps. Leave a comment General Katie steps from the old beauty parlour into the street.

At every turn of the story flowing from my mouth my mind had hearkened back to the village, and I recalled that starless night when I realized that as long as he existed, I'd never amount to anything more than third-rate.

I ran towards the noise but when I got there it stopped. Leave a comment General Brad dropped the match, and again they were buried in darkness which seemed to oppress them like an awful weight.

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Elevated above my head was a golden chandelier that sparkled like the scales on a goldfish. But was she really alone? Rationale: replacing "fearful" with "afraid": very weak suggestion, it just seems 'better' replacing "that was" with ", ": increases the pace of the sentence and more tightly binds "shrouding" with "night" adding "its": associates the darkness more tightly with the night and gives a more involved, almost personal feeling e.

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A dark, hideous building stood before me that looked like a scene from a horror story. I cautiously looked down the stairs in to the inky blackness below. What was that, a shadow of a man?