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Accordingly, this experimental study revealed the effect of a 7-week instructional treatment on speaking skill, in which speaking was addressed to be developed in terms of the integration of digital storytelling.

The intercultural activities were performed through Power Point presentations and follow-up discussions.

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It should also be noted that the implementation of innovations in writing procedures attracted the positive attention of both teachers and learners respectively. The analysis of the questionnaire showed that the majority of the students believed that the oral translation activities were useful and motivating for them, since it helped them to understand the texts and words in English better and then speak about them.

Blog use may offer a helpful tool for teaching foreign language writing. Rubina Gasparyan, M. The focus group received the treatment with the use of games, whereas the comparison group practiced the grammar structures with the traditional exercises.

The participants of the study were nineteen EGP students studying at American University of Armenia, ages ranging from 16 to They also found the tasks and activities done during class interesting and useful, and thought that translation helped them to feel more comfortable when expressing ideas and talking about something.

The field notes served as perceptions of the classes on the part of the teacher about the treatment in the experimental group and the core procedure of the class. The findings from the observations reveal that the English teachers of private kindergartens have an access to new methods and approaches as the lessons are implemented with various authentic materials which encompass teaching songs, poems, and tales.

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Why do you need an abstract? At the end of the experiment the participants were given a posttest in order to measure the effects of the feedback techniques. Their age ranged from 11 For the within group comparison, the parametric paired sample and the non parametric Wilcoxon Signed Ranks Tests were implemented.

Thesis reader: Liliana Edilyan By: Naira Stepanyan Computers and the Internet are so widespread in education in general and in language teaching profession in particular, that one feels outdated and unimportant if not using them. However, there seems to be no consensus on the issue as yet. The qualitative data was collected through interview. Abstract Page All theses and dissertations must have an abstract at the beginning of the document that is formatted according to SHSU guidelines.

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Other information, such as the account of your research methods, is needed mainly to back the claims you make about your results. Author's name is the same as what appears on Title page and Approval page.

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Two groups were selected for the study. All theses and dissertations follow the same citation style for the abstract: Student, Isaac M. They also found the tasks and activities done during class interesting and useful. The data collected through the questionnaire was analyzed both quantitavily and qualitatively.

One of those technological tools is video, the effective use of which is assured by many scholars.

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Abstract As English language instruction at the elementary level in Armenia becomes more widespread and approaches official sanctioning from the Ministry of Education, it is important to know how parents view options for the foreign-language education of their children in kindergartens.

For example, if your thesis has five chapters introduction, literature review, methodology, results, conclusionthere should be one or more sentences assigned to summarize each chapter. The analysis of the data revealed that although the AUA incoming students did not have adequate academic writing skills that could be transferred into English, they made a significant progress in the types of writing skills that were covered in the writing course and showed some improvement in the skills for doing a literature review they did not receive instructions.

The results of the data analysis showed that there are statistically significant differences in the usefulness of authentic materials as compared to instructional materials in terms of vocabulary acquisition in favor of authentic materials. Some of them have special tests that students use to check results, test their knowledge, and identify both weak and strong sides.

Abstract The purpose of the present study was to find out the beneficial effects of games on the correct use of grammar structures, as well as to see what attitude the students had towards the grammar practice used during the study. They also found the tasks and activities done during class interesting and useful.

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Rubina Gasparyan, M. The effectiveness of the treatment was investigated through quasi-experimental research design. The effectiveness of the treatment was investigated through quasi-experimental research design. The material and books used by the teachers are mostly published by Oxford, Cambridge and Macmillan publication. This research aims at exploring and characterizing the process of the generation of mathematical examples by junior-high-school students.

What do you need to do? As the participants in my study were year-old children of the fifth and sixth grades of school, I conducted the conferences in the Armenian language for the students to be able to express their feelings and ideas freely.

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They help in test preparation. Consequently, two types of data were obtained from these instruments: qualitative and quantitative. However, the major limitation of the study should be taken into account.

Key Words are listed at the end of the Abstract. The aim of experiment was to investigate the impact of the corrective feedback on students learning in Experimental English Classes.

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In addition, during the post test the comparison group revealed better results. As an introspective tool, the researcher also used journal writing at the school and at the club. During teaching, different types of literary texts and activities were used.