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Changes to the thesis The majority of theses require some amendment before the degree is awarded. Yes, as long as you predominantly wrote the review. How reflective is the final publication of my thoughts and writing? Is an additional literature survey required? You must upload these forms with your thesis on submission.

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The criteria for examination remain the same. Read the Preparation of Graduate Research Theses rules for details. Prior to submission, or prior to your performance or exhibition of a creative component of your thesis, register your intention to submit by logging into the Thesis Examination System TES. Late submission : applies if your candidature was confirmed on or after 1 January The primary author may not be the first named author.

Your principal supervisor must sign the Declaration for a thesis with publication and Co-author Authorisation forms which confirms their agreement to the inclusion of the publication. You could, however, include this paper as an appendix.

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It is important that you plan well ahead for obtaining any co-author signatures that may be required. Responding to examiners Upon receiving the examiners' recommendations you are required to consider their feedback and discuss them with your supervisor and Chair of Examiners.

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Do I need to complete the Declaration for a thesis with publication and Co-author authorisation forms? You must also include a statement in your preface that the text on page s xx is from [name of publication], its publication status and your contribution to that publication.

Check the Handbook entry for your course for specific word limits and, where applicable, for the proportion of the thesis to be presented as a creative work. View the Graduate Research Training Policy for more information.

An ePoster competition was almost inevitable. The maximum word limit for theses including footnotes but excluding tables, maps, bibliographies and appendices are: 50 words for Masters theses words for a PhD or doctoral thesis. It confirms that you understand your research, and illustrates that you have the necessary skills in oral presentations and other research attributes expected of graduate researchers at the University.

If you need to undertake a major revision, you may need to re-enrol dissertation on marketing the period, and as such will be liable for any associated fees. Do I need to be the first author? Bring your camera or smart phone so we can take your photo. Revised and resubmitted theses are examined in their entirety and the inclusion of a new publication may strengthen your response to examiners.

It is understood that portions of the thesis that have been published or accepted for publication will have been through an editorial process. Only those who actually collaborated for the publication should complete Co-author Authorisation forms.

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Can a systematic review of a specific research question be included as a publication in my thesis? The popular Viewer's Choice prize went to "Saving life with new artificial blood vessels" by Fatemeh Karimi.

You should provide this evidence to your advisory committee when you are discussing the proposed format for your thesis. Your expected thesis submission date may change during your candidature, for example if you take leave of absence, change your research degree, or change between full and part time study.

Preparing my thesis

Ensure the text is cited correctly. No, but you may do so if you think that it will assist readers of your thesis. Note that you're only allowed to make changes to your thesis based on the recommendations of your examiners — no additional changes are permitted.

Editing my thesis Your thesis must be your own work, and you must clearly understand your role, and the roles of your supervisors and others throughout the editorial process. I want to include text in my thesis that I wrote for a publication but the publication is not appropriate to include in its entirety in my thesis.

You are usually given six weeks to complete minor amendments. Resubmission occurs when your result is deferred. The primary author is primarily responsible for the planning, execution and preparation of work for publication.

The format of your thesis and whether it includes publications depends on your discipline and thesis content and structure. The skills and knowledge they learned throughout the process of preparing for the e-poster would also be useful for their future academic careers.

Your revision should address and respond to any concerns raised by the examiners, as well as make other changes in order to improve the thesis. Can I include this publication in my thesis? You may wish to include the entire publication as an appendix so that your examiners can see where the information came from.

Once your thesis is sent to your principal supervisor for endorsement an updated thesis will only be accepted in exceptional circumstances.

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If your research has not gone to plan and you need more time, there is the facility to extend the expected course duration to the maximum course duration as part of your progress review meeting: four years part time eight years for PhD or doctorate. A theoretical paper can be included in research conclusion meaning thesis if the content of the paper would have otherwise been included in a thesis chapter.

And this trend looks to continue into Writing conclusions can cite your earlier work just like you would any work that is relevant to your research. This has been phased out as part of an environmental sustainability campaign. Can I include this publication as a chapter of my thesis? How does my advisory committee approve the inclusion of a publication as part of my thesis?

A published literature review can be included in your thesis as long as you predominantly wrote the review. All theses, whether they contain publications or not, must have a literature review that clearly details the research question and creative writing words per hour general discussion that integrates your work.

If you have been asked to resubmit your thesis for a second examination, you will be invited to write a response to the examiners' reports, which they will receive along with the revised thesis.

Do I need to provide the Examinations Office with proof that my paper has been accepted and in press, or has been published?

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Please note that your estimated submission date may not exceed your maximum submission date maximum course duration plus an additional period of time if approved for late submission. Can a published literature review be included in my thesis? While some journals request that the author accepted version includes any figures or tables to be at the end of the submitted document, when you reproduce the article in your thesis it is expected that these would be place where they logically flow within the text.

The University repository, Minerva Accessstores completed theses and is a good resource for viewing how others have presented their work.

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If you need more time to finish the corrections, you can apply for an extension by completing an Application for an Extension to Submit Revisions. It's an important milestone of your candidature. How do I include the text without self-plagiarising? Which version of my publication should I include?

Photo galleries are available to view via the links below. During the seminar you should present the objectives, methods, findings and significance of your research. About 2 months prior to your submission is the ideal time for this.

You may wish to include the entire publication as an appendix so that your examiners can see where the information came from.

This is your opportunity to receive constructive feedback from an expert audience prior to submission and it provides you with further experience in developing your arguments effectively. Are examination guidelines available? The advice and guidance received from colleagues and the editors should be considered as part of the learning experience.

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Publication suitability I published work which is relevant to my thesis prior to my enrolment. We received positive feedback from our participants that they found the experience meaningful and valuable as they could learn about using various resources and techniques to develop an engaging e-poster in order to convey research to the general public.

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When creating my list of tables and figures do I also need to include the tables and figures from a publication that I have included in my thesis? Format of the thesis If my thesis includes publications as thesis chapters, is additional material allowed?