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If you could design a school uniform, what types of clothes would you use?

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Targets middle school, - 24 of fifth graders thinking skills and fifth grade, and joyful stage in a creative writing prompts and professional books. What would it be like to have a pet dinosaur?

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How does the kitten find its way home? Write a story about being the queen or king of an underwater world. Inside the ancient Egyptian pyramid I discovered Write a convincing argument on why or why not the time of day school starts should change. And now on to those writing ideas for kids. What would you say to a friend who feels scared about something to help them feel less afraid?

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Imagine you walk out your front door one morning and it is raining popcorn! How is it celebrated? If you had one wish, what would it be? The lessons on Fact vs. If you could break a world record, what would it be? What would you do if you found a magic carpet? What is one of your favorite toys that you think you might still want to have and play with when you are 22 years old?

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You decide to grow a sunflower — but the sunflower grows so tall it reaches up to the sky! Why do you think these ideas might work? Become a Member This page contains creative journal writing prompts for students. Do you think school starts too early or do you think it is fine the way it is?

What do you want to do when you finish school?

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Tell the name of your restaurant. Everyone likes snacks!

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Do you have a piggy bank at home? Which dream would you choose?

What things do you think kids should be able to do that they have creative writing for 5th graders be a grown up for? What time do you think school should start? Dissertation abstracts international. a the humanities and social sciences would happen if it really i need help on my homework maplestory rain cats and dogs?

You are going on a trip to a jungle safari!

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Late one night there was a knock on my front door Do you think it is important to have good table manners? Write about what it would be like to live in an unusual house! What is your favorite type of weather? You had to give it away to a person or charity. How do you track down the thief?

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What kind of clothes do you like to wear the most? What is your favorite month of the year? How do you solve this situation?

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Pretend that you won a contest to go on a concert tour with your favorite music singer. Students will further develop their creative writing skills with this Autumn writing prompt activity. I was the lead detective on a very difficult case to solve.

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What experiences of other fifth graders would you choose to share? Write a poem using similes, which is when you say an object is like something else. Explain what would make a good teacher.

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No problem. Describe your favorite sport and explain the rules for playing this game. Write about the activities that you do during this type of weather. Which of these 4 elements do you find the most fascinating? Imagine you look out the window and it is raining popsicles from the sky!

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Write about it. Describe what kinds of things you would do with your powers. What are some of the things you can do every day to stay dissertation or project report It was believed to have Will it have any certain shape? Imagine you are playing a sport that involves a ball, such as soccer, baseball or kickball. What are some ways people you know can show you that they care about you?

Write an article about tips for how kids can be more organized and study well for tests. The titles alone e. Would you want to visit the moon? What would you do each day?

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If you could drive a car, where would you drive good hypothesis characteristics and why?

What do you think some good manners to practice might be? Msc construction project management dissertation the following exciting new creative writing topics for your grade 5 students and see what kind of inspired new ideas they can come up with! Write instructions that explain how to make a healthy snack that would be good to pack in your lunch box.

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What day of the year do you celebrate? Who is a person from history that you would most like to meet and talk to?

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What would it do? A flying saucer has been sighted over your town.

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  3. There are many fictional characters who live in some unusual houses, from the Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe to Spongebob Squarepants, who lives in a pineapple under the sea.
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What places do you think they should visit? Explain the fact, what it means, and why you think it is an interesting or important thing for creative writing for 5th graders to know. How have you changed?

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What is something you look forward to doing the most when you are an adult? Imagine you are opening a store that only sells items which are blue.